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Smart Switch

The Procom Smart Switch is a Wi-Fi enabled Smart device, which can easily be installed into your existing switchboard, Turn appliances and electronics on/off, and schedule the same from anywhere across the house, or from any part of the world, from the Procom app, Procom smart switch are easy to remove as they are to install. The Procom smart switch can be taken out and reinstalled in any switchboard in your house. Smart Switch is devised to be easily installed in your home, without the need of additional wiring and you can monitor energy usage and receive alerts when an appliance is not performing efficiently.

What We Do

Home Automation

Smart home technology promises to make your living space more comfortable, more convenient, and more secure. We're here to put those claims to the test to help you find the right gadgets for your home.

Enterprise Automation

Implementing comprehensive, enterprise-wide business solutions, just where you need them. Procom provides visibility into your business and facilitates effective management across all functional areas.

Hotel Automation

Procom provides Architects the opportunity to use our advanced yet easy to work with components to provide smooth, state-of-the-art technology without sacrificing style. Treat your hotel to a new experience.

Hospital Automation

Demand for better treatment and diagnostic procedures continue to rise, it is best for healthcare organizations, especially hospitals, to upgrade their infrastructure and deliver the best results to this end.

Industrial Automation

At Procom, we build complete, turn-key systems for the automation of industrial production processes. Our creativity and expertise really come to the fore in processes where both speed and accuracy are vital.

Parking Automation

At Procom we believe that our clients can have the best of all worlds. Creative Design, Cost Efficiency and Exceptional Client Service. we continually expand our knowledge of state-of-the-art fully automated vehicle storage systems.

We do Home Smart Home

Control your device anywhere

Monitor your device anywhere

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space or building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user, We can customize our Smart Switch Board according to your Interior design based on Architect choice and we can also design your Personal images,animals,flowers,sceners images on our Smart Switch Board Front Panel, We have large varieties of Icons and colors.

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How it Works

 Turn room lights on and off from anywhere with your smartphone.

 Set a schedule for lights in different rooms.

 Set up rules for lights to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise.

 Creates scene's according to your room condition.

 Installs quickly and easily without any Technical Knowledge.

 You can set your room images as Device Image on Application.

 Works with your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile internet.

 Works with your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile internet.

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Clients Words

  • Krishna

    In selecting the best company, we wanted to make sure that the design allowed for as much flexibility as possible allowing for future expansion as our needs may change. The system that was designed and delivered was more then what we expected. They introduced us to technologies that really opened our eyes such as lighting control that would help to simplify our everyday life. It has made going to bed at night much easier by being able to press one button to turn off all of the lights, not having to run around the house turning them off one by one. Lifestyle changes to the system have been made with ease now that we have lived in the house and have begun enjoying our new systems.

  • Anji

    Having deals with many different home automation companies over the years, I found it refreshing to find one that truly understands what they are doing. Procom people listen to what the customer wants and then actually deliver on that. In this day and age of profit-first companies, it's nice to find one who puts the needs and happiness of their customers first.

  • Suresh

    We have worked on several projects that involve vision systems and other sensors. Procom is my first choice to go to because they listen first, then provide us with their recommendations. They have excellent products, amazing customer service and outstanding technical support.

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